The painting presented in de picture above is the final result. The picture below shows a previous version. The version shown above will at least be final for the time being as it will be exhibited together with three paintings of the same size at Theater Posa from 17 march until the 24th of april this year.

There are only six differences between the two versions. All six changes were made with the same dark green color. Of these changes there are four that are for sure an upgrade in my opinion. In two other cases I'm not sure wether the changes are really an improvement.
Looking at a painting like this gives some information and might add some useful changes to my processes, when painting. 
It might slow down this process; maybe not always but maybe sometimes.

Looking at the painting as a whole I think the final result feels more like "nature", whereas the previous result is less defined, maybe a bit uncomfortable. As a whole it might be an improvement.
Apart from this paintings you might find enough reason to visit one of the shows at Theater Posa during the period of exhibition.

A desert, 75x150cm, 2017