The picture to the right gives an inpression of the start of the exhibition. 
Additional comments on the picture showing the two paintings that are mostly blue added the 17th of march:
The painting on the right was developed from the painting shown at the left side. That one therefore doesn't exist no longer.
The painting is exhibited at the Calliope Art Factory right now. See the text below for further information.


13 maart 2017

Yesterday my exhibition at the Calliope Art Factory was opened. 
The opening words by Janneke Sparreboom were very positive. 
It was a very nice meeting as I experienced it.
It brought me back in a very strong way to the conclusion as where the most obvious reason to make paintings is meeting people and being in contact with them. 
It doesn't show any people in this picture, but that is for privacy reasons. 
It also brought me some very good and enthusiastic comments on the shoes that I have painted a few months ago.  
The exposition will last until the 5th of april.
The pictures were taken by Juul Baars