• To Be Normal

    10 maart 2017


    `To Be Normal` is a painting I will show most certainly during an exposition organized with KUP 11 in De Kubus in Lelystad lasting from 10 april till the 17th of may this year. 
    The theme will be "Gender", aiming at the difference between, and maybe also a discussion on the roles of men and women in a society. 
    However I do not like to distinct between people in a general sense; I don't like to arrange people by catagories. This is simply because it always takes some freedom away I suppose. Maybe the title of the painting is something like a protest. 

    To Be Normal, 2017, 80x100cm.

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  • A red sun - to be ...

    2 maart 2017

    This one ain't finished so it seems.
    I came on to this picture this morning.
    This painting dating maybe some two weeks ago will be on the easel in a short while as I look at it right now.
    What makes this painting uncomfortable to me is mostly the big black dot in the left of the painting touching the orange-red line.
    It didn't come to my attention before and I do not know right now, what might be a way to change it.
    I will have to judge, whether to adapt this painting, when looking at it at it's real measures of course.
    This Painting is 75x150cm big. 

    To be continued I suppose, maybe in a few days.

    I've just (still 2 march 2017) had a look at the painting at its real size.
    In real size I do not experience the problem I have been describing above.

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  • All over and Again

    26 februari 2017

    All over and again. This painting was mostly made at the end of last year and finished at the start of this year I suppose. It came to my attention this morning, looking at the pictures of some recent work. I think I seldomly make a habit making my paintings. Somehow drawing horizontal grey lines in the background of the painting seems to have become more or less a habit the last few months. Most of my recent work are painted with grey, black and white paint. All over and Agian (There is always that new beginning, not every day so it seems, but some days the new start is really active I think) 70x90cm, 2013‚Äč. 
    In the Portfolio you can see more recent work (Nieuwste Schilderijen).

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  • Something Different, a Can

    16 februari 2017


    The garbage can was installed next to the picnic table last week. The result is shown on the photo at the bottom. I experience it as a nice result, while I'm not entirely satisfied. The suspension for the garbage can is grey and somehow prominent. Painting the suspension wasn't part of this project. However I'm not really unsitisfied as well, mostly satisfied. It was a nice project with a result I can observe every few days when I pass it walking or on my bike only a few hundred yards from my own house. So mostly I'm very thankful to have taken part in this project that really brings something different to a neighbourhood.

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  • A Landscape 3

    13 februari 2017


    A Result from last week. A landscape 3, 75x150 cm. I cannot tell a lot about it. I've worked on it for two or three times and then it was there. A difference with other recent paintings is that there is not a horizon in this painting.  A landscape, A Garden, 75x150 cm, 2017. To be seen at Theater Posa from 17 march up till 24 april 2017.  

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  • Desert 3

    8 februari 2017

    Today's and yesterday's result. Maybe it is only a result for this moment, maybe it is final. That will be clear in a few days or a few weeks. Desert 3, 75x150 cm. It looks more or less like a desert to me. It looks like a landscape to be.  


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  • Nisolation

    28 januari 2017

    Nisolation, 2017, 76x122cm. The name of the painting came up when considering the quality of the painting with my colleague Charlotte Bakker. She mostly considered the feeling send from the painiting as alone, not lonely. Therefore I choose the name Nisolation (Non-isolation). 

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  • Me Children Need New Shoes

    17 januari 2017

    "Me Children Need New Shoes". The words were pronounced by Jimmy White, I suppose at least 20 years ago. He was commenting on the fact that he had just received 147.000 English pounds. This as a result of producing a 147 in snooker play during the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. At least he already knew how to get rid of all that money. 








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  • A Forrest, A Tree

    11 november 2016

    The picture shows a painting finished just lately. It was first made in 2004 and returned frequently to the easle. Just a few weeks ago it reached the stage that is shown here. 
    A Forrest, A Tree, 60 x 80 cm, 2016. 

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  • Well received

    7 november 2016

    The painting shown here was well received by more then of the participants and visitors of the "Najaarssalon" at the "Calliope Art Factoy" (Kofschip 12, Lelystad, The Netherlands). In this exhibition there are some 10 participants showing 1 or 2 works of art. 

    Some Elements, 100x120cm, 2016.

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