• 3 stages

    10 oktober 2018


    In this picture you find the three stages of one painting. 
    Actually, I think all three stages could have been a final painting basically.

    One may argue that the painting above is somewhat dark or dreary. I suppose that was the reason to continue after this stage.

    In the central painting the yellow shapes may have been to overwhelming or dominating. That might have been my reason to restart the proces of painting once more.

    inally the painting below became the actual result. 

    As with a lot of my paintings you may rotate it for 90 or 180 degrees and still it can remain attractive to watch.

    Current title: If You wanna destroy it - You will have to buy it
    Size: 70 x 150 cm



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  • Deepest Red

    4 mei 2017

    When being Someone's Deepest red, 2017, 90x130 cm. (Picture Above)

    A combined result from today starting with a former painting from 2012 (Being Abundant, picture below).

    Being at a market with the painting from 2012 last sunday, it seemed the black forms were to dominant and a bit out of balance. 

    The balance certainly seems to be there right now with the adaptations from today.

    However one may argue that today's result has a lot of undefined forms. Looking at it at it's real size however it seems fine and might be interesting for a very long time.



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  • Preheated White Socks

    29 april 2017

    Preheated White Socks, 100x120cm, 2017.
    Another result in a pretty large series of mostly black, grey and white paintings. 








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  • Theater Posa: exhibition

    29 maart 2017

    The exhibition at the "Theater Posa" will last until the 24th of april. 
    It's feels comfortable to show some paintings at this theatre, it being small and basic. 
    With this picture you can have an impression of three of the four painting shown there.
    All paintings are 75x150cm and I have used a lot of green paint when making them. Green is most often a color I hardly use. 
    You can have a look at the paintings during performances and other hours of operation at the theatre.
    Theater Posa
    Kempenaar 01-10
    8242 BA  Lelystad 

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  • Another

    24 maart 2017

    This painting has been developed at the start of this week. Me being busy with some other things it stayed at the easel until this morning and as a result I was able to observe this painting for several days. It came to me as a positive result every time I saw it, never being entirely sure that it could be a final result. 
    This Painting doesn't have a title yet, 65x85 cm, 2017. 

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  • No Comment

    21 maart 2017

    No Comment: 70x90cm, 2017








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  • Why

    18 maart 2017

    In relation to some of my paintings a recurring question may be: why hasn't this one been sold yet?
    In most occasions when this question returns over and over again one or a few years later the painting often will really have been sold. 
    Where it comes to this painting from 2015 I must say that it was never part of an exhibition yet.
    It would be nice if I could show it somewhere this year. 

    Verhalend over liefde (Informing you on Love), 105x125, 2015

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  • Theater Posa

    15 maart 2017

    The painting presented in de picture above is the final result. The picture below shows a previous version. The version shown above will at least be final for the time being as it will be exhibited together with three paintings of the same size at Theater Posa from 17 march until the 24th of april this year.

    There are only six differences between the two versions. All six changes were made with the same dark green color. Of these changes there are four that are for sure an upgrade in my opinion. In two other cases I'm not sure wether the changes are really an improvement.
    Looking at a painting like this gives some information and might add some useful changes to my processes, when painting. 
    It might slow down this process; maybe not always but maybe sometimes.

    Looking at the painting as a whole I think the final result feels more like "nature", whereas the previous result is less defined, maybe a bit uncomfortable. As a whole it might be an improvement.
    Apart from this paintings you might find enough reason to visit one of the shows at Theater Posa during the period of exhibition.

    A desert, 75x150cm, 2017

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  • Calliope Art Factory

    13 maart 2017

    The picture to the right gives an inpression of the start of the exhibition. 
    Additional comments on the picture showing the two paintings that are mostly blue added the 17th of march:
    The painting on the right was developed from the painting shown at the left side. That one therefore doesn't exist no longer.
    The painting is exhibited at the Calliope Art Factory right now. See the text below for further information.


    13 maart 2017

    Yesterday my exhibition at the Calliope Art Factory was opened. 
    The opening words by Janneke Sparreboom were very positive. 
    It was a very nice meeting as I experienced it.
    It brought me back in a very strong way to the conclusion as where the most obvious reason to make paintings is meeting people and being in contact with them. 
    It doesn't show any people in this picture, but that is for privacy reasons. 
    It also brought me some very good and enthusiastic comments on the shoes that I have painted a few months ago.  
    The exposition will last until the 5th of april.
    The pictures were taken by Juul Baars

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  • To Be Honest

    12 maart 2017

    To Be Honest, a painting that is still on the easel right now. I'f been working at it this morning. It might be finished. I feel a lot of strength and restless stillness when looking at it. 

    "When Moving to the East" might be a useful title as well. 

    To Be Honest, 70x90cm, 2017.

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