• Surroundings

    1 november 2019


    Surroundings is simply the title of this work. Is it me, or is it my surroundings? Who am I? Would I be?
    The type of questions that may surround after you have passed your worries. Surroundings.

    Surroundings, 1008120cm (40*48inches), 2019, Canvas.



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  • Adjustment

    31 oktober 2019


    At the back of the dark and grey layer of paint there is a painting from 2003.
    Somehow you might call the painting that I show in this picture an adjustment.
    And somehow it is, I suppose.

    The Adjustment, 80*100cm, 2019


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  • Things change

    30 oktober 2019

    Things will change

    Every now and then you may someone hear saying: "Things will (never) change".
    These words may have negative feelings as a motivation.
    However things will change.

    The picture shows two paintings, the first from 2007 and the right one after the left one has been modified recently, and as a result more or less doesn't exist anymore.
    The right painting has been named "Afgerond" ("Finished"). 
    And, even though it might be finished, it will alter through time.
    Things may change in time, maybe, even until they will be finished.

    Afgerond (Finished) 2019, on canvas, 80x130cm.  



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  • A Waiting Room

    16 mei 2019

    This painting is titled "A last Christmas gift". I made this work during the period between Christmas and New Year in 2002. I had no material available to paint on. Finally I decided to use the box of a christmas gift. I unfolded it and made this painting from it. When you look at the painting you can distinguish the different parts of the unfolded box. The painiting developed in one instance and I never changed anything to it again. This work is now decorating a waiting-rooms in my home town.

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    "A last Christmas gift", 2002, 60x140cm, approximately 24x55 inches.


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  • Gathering (Samenzijn)

    9 mei 2019

    A painting from a series that took shape in the last three months. These paintings are mostly red, a color I appreciate a lot. There is a lot of energy, and given the shape in this painting there is silence as well.

    This painting is a total repaint of a former painting, that came with many colors and shapes. You can see some details from the former painting in the shadows shaped by some thick former layers as well.


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  • A Minor Excitement

    6 mei 2019


    Recently I've been making a series of paintings showing some other type of expression and maybe showing some extra freedom as well.

    A Minor Excitement, 2019 (Dutch: Lichte Opwinding) is an example. It measures 100x120 centimeters (40x48 inch) and was painted on canvas.   


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  • 3 stages

    10 oktober 2018


    In this picture you find the three stages of one painting. 
    Actually, I think all three stages could have been a final painting basically.

    One may argue that the painting above is somewhat dark or dreary. I suppose that was the reason to continue after this stage.

    In the central painting the yellow shapes may have been to overwhelming or dominating. That might have been my reason to restart the proces of painting once more.

    inally the painting below became the actual result. 

    As with a lot of my paintings you may rotate it for 90 or 180 degrees and still it can remain attractive to watch.

    Current title: If You wanna destroy it - You will have to buy it
    Size: 70 x 150 cm



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  • Deepest Red

    4 mei 2017

    When being Someone's Deepest red, 2017, 90x130 cm. (Picture Above)

    A combined result from today starting with a former painting from 2012 (Being Abundant, picture below).

    Being at a market with the painting from 2012 last sunday, it seemed the black forms were to dominant and a bit out of balance. 

    The balance certainly seems to be there right now with the adaptations from today.

    However one may argue that today's result has a lot of undefined forms. Looking at it at it's real size however it seems fine and might be interesting for a very long time.



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  • Preheated White Socks

    29 april 2017

    Preheated White Socks, 100x120cm, 2017.
    Another result in a pretty large series of mostly black, grey and white paintings. 








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  • Theater Posa: exhibition

    29 maart 2017

    The exhibition at the "Theater Posa" will last until the 24th of april. 
    It's feels comfortable to show some paintings at this theatre, it being small and basic. 
    With this picture you can have an impression of three of the four painting shown there.
    All paintings are 75x150cm and I have used a lot of green paint when making them. Green is most often a color I hardly use. 
    You can have a look at the paintings during performances and other hours of operation at the theatre.
    Theater Posa
    Kempenaar 01-10
    8242 BA  Lelystad 

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